Melanoma pictures

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Melanoma pictures
Melanoma pictures

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a cancer tumor that can be found mostly on skin (in rare cases it also resides on eyeballs). Although this type of cancer the least common, it produces the most victims. Melanoma develops from cells that manufacture the pigment of the skin (melanocytes) - the cells that take care of the color of our skin and tanning. The melanocytes normally reside in the deep region of the epidermis and they are also found behind moles or melanocytic nevus.

Melanoma pictures
Amelanotic Melanoma Melanoma diameter Melanoma scan
Amelanotic Melanoma Melanoma diameter Melanoma scan

What causes melanoma?

The excessive tanning is the major factor responsible for the development of melanoma, especially among light-skinned people who have many moles. Patients with white skin are more often victims of melanoma, but this cancer also affects black patients or pigmented, especially on the palms and soles. Genetic factors (family) also plays a role in the development of melanoma.

There are six letters A, B, C, D, E and F that provide a good mnemonic for remembering warning signs.

  • A for Asymmetry. A mole that is not symmetrical to the axis horizontal and / or vertical.
  • B for borders. A mole that is irregular border.
  • C for color. A mole that has several colors (brown, dark brown, black, red).
  • D for diameter. A mole whose size exceeds 6 mm in diameter.
  • E for evolve. Beware of a new mole or a mole that former evolves and changes quickly.
  • F for finally. If a mole is different from other and uncommon to subjects body, it is called "the ugly duckling sign".

If a mole has more of the above signs, it is not necessarily a melanoma, but an examination by a dermatologist is needed to get exact results.


Photoprotection: Do not expose children to the sun, especially before one to two years. Avoid the sun at midday, between 12 and 16. Most important: do not get sunburn, sunburn is the alarm! And of course, do less UV exposure until the sunburn is healed. Beware of creams "very" protective, clothes are the best protection, the most effective against the sun. Hats and sunglasses are not accessories, they are equally necessary to protect you from the sun. People with a clear phenotype and a history of skin cancer in the family must be very vigilant for themselves and their children. For people with darker skin type, you are not immune to the dangers of UV.

Self-monitoring: You should be alert to injuries that suddenly appear on healthy skin, sores that will not heal, which swell, bleed, or become darker or lighter. People with many moles which have been exposed to sun during childhood should be monitored closely.